Corporate Secretary

We track deadlines impeccably, prepare documents for electronic signature, and attend to your specific business needs. You choose between the Unlimited Corporate Secretary package where all your standard resolutions are included in the price or the Basic Corporate Secretary where you pay as you go. In either case, our Secretaries with more than 10 years of experience answer your questions while our robots process the routine tasks.

Unlimited Corporate

All fees included


  • Annual Filing government fee
  • Corporate Secretary routine Annual filing and AGM Preparation
  • Change the company name
  • Change in Officers
  • Change in address
  • Change in business activity
  • Registartion of Particulars relating to charges
  • Distribution of Dividends
  • Change officers Particulars
  • Allotment of Shares
  • Transfer of Shares (excl. Stamp Duty)

Basic Corporate

All fees included


  • Annual Filing government fee
  • Corporate Secretary routine Annual filing and AGM Preparation

Additionally not included in the package

Non-Share Related changes

per change

Share Related changes

per change

Corporate Shareholder

per change

We’re online 24/7,
usually replying
within 15 minutes

Additional things you may need

Accounting & Taxation

We offer Different package based on the size of your operation, check theme here

Super Lean Package

Basic Corporate Secretary, accounting for 30 transactions



Excluding zeroised management accounts and tax clearance


Sleeping Beauty Package

Basic Corporate Secretary, Unaudited Annual Statements



Who is Corporate Secretary?

A corporate secretary is a person resposible for all necessary documents required by law. For example, issuing company resolutions, managing regulatory filings and maintaining company books. Every Singapore business must have one. This critical role requires various certifications and involves a lot of responsibility.

Can i be a Coporate Secretary myself?

If you like. First, you need to have all the qualifications of a corporate secretary plus five years of experience. Second, you have to be a singapore citizen, or a permanent resident, or an Enterpass Holder. Finally you can’t be the only director and a Corporate Secretary.

What document does a Corporate Secretary Prepare?

First, a Corporate Secretary Tracks changes in your company and reports to ACRA. Whenever you change directors, auditors, Secretaries, Shareholders, your share capital or a company name they send a notice. Then there are several registers they have to maintain, like Register of company charger or Register of controllers. They are incharge of preparing and recording board minutes and annual general meetings, Official Correspondance and insurance.