Dormant Company

A dormant company should not be a burden, so we made this package simple and cheap. Make sure you’ve filed a declaration as a dormant company or ask us to help, and we’ll take over keeping the deadlines for you.

Sleeping Beauty (1 Year)


All fees included


  • Corporate Secretary package
  • Accounting Services
  • All associated government fees


What’s a dormant company?

Your company becomes dormant if you haven’t had any transactions or income for a year. The year, in this case, is your tax evaluation period, not a calendar one.

What are my responsibilities with a dormant company?

You still need to submit your annual tax return, that’s how IRAS (tax authority) knows you are actually dormant. You also need to hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM). You don’t have to gather physically, releasing necessary documents is enough.

What does the process look like?

When the time comes for your annual filings and AGM preparation, we’ll send you all documents in a chat. You don’t have to keep these deadlines in your mind.

Can I use my dormant company again later?

Sure, you just need to inform IRAS within a month after you go back to business. We’ll do that for you.