Cross Border / NRI Consulting

A new & Revolutionary business consulting truly “outside the box” approach.
Your reliable crossborder SME consulting from the domain Experts globally. Comply local laws Seamlessly.

Any two of below

  • Any NRI related compliance in India
  • Employment Tax in India / House Property Income / Other sources
  • Filing with ACRA (Singapore) / MCA (India)
  • Working + Business Questions (abroad)
  • Indian PAN related
  • Indian Tax filing questions

Just Try Plan +

  • Up to 5 questions regarding start-up (additional questions US$ 25/question)
  • Start-up structuring advise
  • Annual Compliance requirements in India, Singapore, USA, Indonesia or Malaysia
  • Founders Agreement related OR Review of document
  • Share Capital related
  • Tax planning on setup of start-up in India / Singapore

Everything in Start-up plan +

  • Up to 10 questions with 1 Face-to-Face (video call) Consultations for 30 min each. (every additional questions at US$ 25/question)
  • Founders’ online meeting


  • Upto 15 questions with 2 Face Consultations for 30 min each. (every additional questions US$ 25/questions)
  • Multi corporate decisions
  • Every theying Startup